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E=MC Scared!

“This was by far our best escape room yet! The props were amazing, and we kept being surprised by the environment. Superb, thoroughly recommended”

£22 per person / £14 for age 14 and under 60 minutes

Last thing you remember you were on your way to school, now you’ve woken up in a cage, locked up by your mad scientist teacher, Professor von Doomington! Years of naughty school children and endless marking have sent him crazy and now he’s gone rogue! He’s testing children and plans to steal the brainpower of the smartest ones to make him the most powerful man in the world!! (cue evil genius laugh!)

Question 1. Will you be intelligent enough?!

Question 2. Can you Excape before it’s too late??




£22 per person

£17.50 Blue Light Card holder (card must be presented on arrival)

£14 for age 14 and under


Minimum of 2 players per game 
Children (under 15) must have at least one paying adult in the room with them.

*We do occasionally get cancellations due to illness, so if a day is fully booked but you would like to be added to our waiting list, just drop us an email at

£22 per person / £14 for age 14 and under 60 minutes 60 minutes