Excape: Exmouth Escape Rooms was born from a love of escape rooms and a love of Exmouth. Back in 2013, we (Dan and Helen, aka Sherlock & Watson!) visited a friend in Kent, who took us to our first escape game and 60 minutes of fun, challenge, surprise, and high fives later, we were hooked! We got married (couples that escape together, stay together!), and then followed several years of escape rooming fun across the UK and overseas, until in 2017, we had that ‘lightbulb’ moment that Exmouth, Devon would be the perfect place to set up our own.

Then followed a long couple of years, finding the right venue, doing huge amounts of research, planning and creating the rooms (and falling pregnant!). In fact, our daughter was born just 2 days after we picked up the keys to our premises, so that set the build back a few weeks! We opened our Sherlock Holmes themed game, The Game’s Afoot, in May 2019, and were thrilled to be so warmly received by the Exmouth community and holidaymakers alike. Then in August, who should arrive at the top of our stairs but Jeremy Vine and his family! Cue a nervous 60 minutes as we watched them play and waited to hear the verdict… they loved it! And were so encouraging and supportive, using their various platforms to share our story and spread the word, for which we are forever grateful! Then the pressure was on to get our second room up and running, and thanks to a LOT of very late nights, we opened our escape the mad scientist game, E=MC Scared, in October 2019 (and Jeremy Vine and family came back for that one as well!)

We were open for nine months before the pandemic hit, and yet thanks to government support and fully booked sessions between lockdowns, we survived, and we are truly thankful to be able to say that as a new business, we know we were one of the lucky ones. We had an incredible first nine months, made it through the pandemic, have just launched our third room, The Vault (which we are SUPER excited about!), and amongst all that, we’ve earned ourselves over 600 five star reviews across Tripadvisor, Google and Facebook, and been awarded Tripadvisor’s Traveller’s Choice in 2021 and 2022. Now it’s onwards and upwards!